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PREP THE ISLAND TOP However you choose to source or create your tabletop, it will need to measure 36"x23 ". [1] Start by sanding down the wood. [2] Stain the wood, unless you plan to use it as a butcher block. CRAFT THE WINE RACK This handy feature allows your kitchen island to store wine for easy access. [3] Using a 1 " hole saw, cut 6 holes in one 25" 1x4. Make your first mark 3 " from the edge, then space the rest 3 " apart. Draw a straight cut line across the plank going through the middle of the holes and make your cut. For a more finished look, use a router or sandpaper to round the edges of your cut. [4] Attach the side planks to the front and back planks. The spacing should be 12" from the inside of the front plank to the inside of the back plank. Attach the masonite to the bottom of the frame, overlapping " on all sides. [5] Attach the spacers, starting the first edge at 1 " in from the side then spacing the rest at 3 " inside edge to inside edge. ASSEMBLE THE PARTS Here's where it all starts coming together. Attach two 24 " 1x4's and two 18 " 1x4's to the table legs. Make sure the ends of the legs are flush with the 1x4's. This will be the top frame. [6] Attach the 2x2's at the opposite end of the legs, 1" from the end. This will be the bottom frame. [7] Attach the bottom slats to the 2x2's, leaving approximately a " space between. Attach the wine rack to your desired height. Make sure to leave enough room for the baskets underneath. [8] Attach the table top to the island using L brackets or pocket holes. Make sure the length of your screws will not go all the way through the table top.

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Watch the video and learn how to build your own island at Build.com/kitchenisland

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