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Fall 2014 - Page 11 Build a Rolling Kitchen Island

ADD THE HARDWARE The final piece is adding hardware to make your island even more functional. [15] Attach the baskets on top of the bottom slats. [16] Drill holes and attach the hooks and towel bar just as you would mount them if you were going to put them on a wall. DISTRESS AND PAINT At this point you get to add some personality to your island. [12] Use caulking to fill in any gaps. [13] Paint a base coat and then spray paint spots of color. [14] Finish by sanding down to create a distressed look. ATTACH THE WHEELS This island has wheels, so it rolls to wherever you need it. [9] Pre-drill holes in each of the feet. [10] Hammer the nuts into the pre-drilled holes. [11] Insert the wheels.

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