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CHANGE YOUR AIR FILTER See why we recommend changing your heating and air conditioner air filter at least every three months. Yes, we know many people think it's a once-a-year task, so we made this short video to change your tune about changing your filter. We share three compelling benefits, not the least of which is increasing the efficiency of your heating and cooling unit. INSTALL A QUIET, EFFICIENT BATH FAN The Broan Ultra Series Bath Fan is a breeze to install. Start by cutting out the drywall using the template provided. The unit has a great bracket system, and the brushless DC motor uses 85% less energy than a standard AC motor. The fan is so quiet and smooth, it almost purrs instead of whirs. Say goodbye to steamed-up mirrors, dampened walls, and unwelcome odors. We are great fans of Broan, and think you will be too. WRAP YOUR WATER HEATER Installing a blanket around your water heater is a great way to save energy. The insulating blanket comes on a roll and you can actually cut it with scissors, though a utility knife and straight edge can be quicker and tidier. Remember to trim out an opening for the thermostat. We recommend wearing gloves and a mask while you are cutting. Wrap the water heater with the vinyl side out, secure it with tape, and wonder why you didn't do this sooner. INSTALL RECESSED LED LIGHTING The Sea Gull LED Light is a great way to upgrade a standard downlight bulb. Installing it is practically as easy as changing a bulb-and we're not making a light bulb joke. Looks great when it's on, looks nice when it's off. And here is the brilliant part: The Sea Gull LED uses only 15 watts of power to give you the same light as a 75-watt incandescent bulb. This means you save about 75% on your energy bill. GIVE YOUR WATER HEATER A BREAK Turning off your water heater when you go on vacation is so simple and so smart. Normally, the water heater powers up automatically to reheat the water in the tank as often as every 30 minutes. Turning it off saves energy, which saves you money. Take a look at your thermostat-it may even have a vacation mode. If you're shopping for a new water heater, consider a tankless system, which only heats water (really quickly!) when you need it. FIX A LEAKY FAUCET If your faucet is leaking, the likeliest culprit is a worn cartridge. Happily, replacing the cartridge is simple and economical. You won't have to get underneath the sink, and you won't even need any power tools, just your basic screwdriver and wrench. Once you have the right replacement parts in hand, this is truly a 10-minute fix. Watch the video at Build.com/leakyfaucet Watch the video at Build.com/gasefficiency Watch the video at Build.com/ledinstall Watch the video at Build.com/waterheaterblanket Watch the video at Build.com/installbathfan Watch the video at Build.com/installfilter

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