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Simplify your life with eco-friendly choices.

Written by Brett Edwards Photography by Milan Rosan and Cameron Farboud

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS 7 BUILD A CHICKEN COOP 11 FANCY EGG SCRAMBLE 12 ECO & CHIC 15 GARDEN IN ANY SPACE 16 BIG DRAW OF A TINY HOUSE 21 EMPLOYEE PICKS 30 ORGANIZING FROM THE INSIDE OUT 31 DESIGNER SELECTIONS 34 SHOP BY STYLE Shop eco-friendly products at Build.com/ecofriendly If you're like us, youve been hearing a lot about sustainability lately. Its a popular buzzword that has become synonymous with the concepts of recycling and going green. The current state of sustainability and the snowballing momentum behind this movement hasnt developed without reason; in fact any notoriety is completely warranted. Weve taken notice of the need for more sustainable living and put this lifestyle under the limelight. Naturally, resources are limited. In the long run, it's worth it to limit our use of these resources, minimize consumption, and maximize our savings. Converting your home to an energy saving, sustainable sanctuary will benefit you and everyone else, if you incorporate a few of the following pointers to address eco-consciousness issues. The most consumed (and costly!) utilities are electricity and waternot surprising when you consider your daily activities at home. Luckily, the acknowledgement of common overconsumption paired with peoples general desire to save money has sparked the availability of a multitude of efficient products. TAKING BACK THE TAP Only 0.3 percent of fresh water is accessible for use. Many people use 1.6 gallons of fresh water every time they flush the toilet. Excessive? Possibly. Until you are ready to change out your toilet and shower fixtures for new efficient models, try dropping a filled water bottle in your toilet tank and take comfort knowing exactly how many liters-per-flush you're not wasting. Were all guilty of leaving the faucet on while doing the dishes, but did you know you could save over 8 gallons a day just by turning the water off? Better yet, Delta developed a whole line of touch faucets so it's even easier to save water. Washing by hand not your style? We also have an energy-star selection of dishwashers available. Instead of dumping 3 gallons a minute down the drain, an energy-star washer will use only 35 gallons on a whole cycle. PROLONG YOUR POWER We've all been told to flex your power at one point or another, but how can you flex without muscle? You can exercise your ecological side. Whether you're in the incandescent stone ages or outdated fluorescent glow, you still have room for improvement. Advancement in LED technology has made bulb and fixture replacements more efficient and affordable than ever, leaving you no reason not to lighten the load on your lumens. Something thats not so obvious for alleviating your electric bill is home automation. You can drastically cut the amount of hours your central heating and air are running by having a thermostat that always knows where you are (Nest, T200577), and yes, weve got those too.

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