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BUILDING THE PLANTER BOX The custom planter box is 22" deep and rests in an overall frame next to the hen house. We used cedar planks to make the sides and corrugated metal roofing material for the bottom. We recommend cutting the metal with metal snips, wearing heavy gloves and eye protection. A 2" slit in each corner creates relief for the box supports. The bottom screws into the inside of the box, and it's sloped to facilitate drainage. You'll also drill drainage holes in the lower side of the box. Your flowers, shrubs, or herbs will add color and texture to your coop. Even the style of your hanging planters can contribute to the ambiance. EXERCISING YOUR CREATIVITY The finishing touches you choose will make a major design statement. We painted our hen house, but left our coop natural redwood, which is weather resistant and a good material for an outdoor structure. We stained the cedar planter box, and you could also stain the coop and/or hen house. Hardware can complement the look youre going for. Wed describe our coop as rustic but not overly cute, so we attached our wheels with galvanized nuts and bolts. For a country cottage or gypsy wagon look, think about painting and accessorizing more whimsically. See more pictures and the full instructions at Build.com/chickencoop

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