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Eric Enns is passionate about tiny houses. He built his first one in 2008, on an 8' x 14' trailer, with clean modern lines and a built-in couch and bed. Hes gone on to build over 30 of these spaces for clients in California, Nevada, and Oregon. Eric takes us on a tour of a tiny house in progress, and shares his experience sourcing fixtures and furnishings that fit it to a T-is-for-tiny. WHO LOVES TINY HOUSES? People who work out of their homes, for starters. For some of them, what I call the 'detachment factor' is significant, mentally as well as physically. A tiny house can be your secret getaway, a place to think, to focus, to get in a creative space. Ive built tiny houses for clients to use as yoga studios, music studios, art studios. Other people want a tiny house as an extra room for guests, or for a college student, or for a short-term rental. WHERE DO YOU START? At your local building department, because the first things to consider are municipal setback regulations: how close you can build to your back fence and your side fence, what easements you need, and what permits are required. You may learn that there are height limits, even for a single- story tiny house. Once you know what you can (and cannot) do, you can follow your heart and get creative. The clearer you are about what your tiny house will do, the smarter you can be about outfitting it to serve your needs and to fulfill your dreams. I was already a frequent Build.com customer when I started doing tiny houses, and it has become my steadiest source for tiny-house ixtures and furnishings. I also refer my clients directly to Build.com for their own projects. (Continued on page 18)

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Written by Alyson Kuhn Photography by Milan Rosan and Cameron Farboud ERIC ENNS Modern Spaces and Sheds, Inc. in Chico, CA Eric has been a general contractor for seven years. He continues to build and remodel full-sized homes, but also specializes in small spaces, tiny houses in particular. www.modernspacesandsheds.com

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