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HOW DO YOU SCALE THINGS? From a construction point of view, we put in as much light as possiblestarting with as much natural light as we can get. We also try to make the ceiling as high as possible, to give you the headspace you need. Lets say you have an 8' height limit on your roof. Then your maximum inside ceiling height will be 7' 6", which is doable. We often use Tech Lighting low-profile track lighting with mini can lights. Nice illumination can add so much whether you go for a chandelier, some sconces, some indirect light, or some backlighting. The kitchen counter in this unit is as compact as the bar area in a hotel suite: a mini fridge under a countertop, with a minimal sink and a wall-mounted faucet. You can heat water with an electric kettle, and you can have ice and cold packs at hand. Ventilation is key to creating an airy feel. Weve put air conditioners in several tiny houses, but I also love the Air King retro-looking fan. Its technically a ceiling-mounted fan, but you can also mount one high up on a wall. This unit has a 12' ceiling on one side, so you climb up a ladder to your sleeping (or napping) loft. We put in a vented skylight it feels a bit like a tent at camp. A well-outfitted exterior essentially doubles your living space when weather allows. Weve continued the modern theme on the exterior of this space as well. The exterior sconces, landscape lighting, and fire pit are all from Build.com. WHAT ABOUT SUSTAINABILITY? I lived in Russia for a time in the early 90s, years before I had even thought of becoming a contractor. In the cities, most people lived in big concrete buildings, but in the spring, summer, and fall, theyd take a train through beautiful birch forests, along rivers to the countryside, where they all had tiny cabins called dachas . Everyone put so much work into themand that had an impact on me. Its natural to yearn for a little creative outlet, for something that is relaxing and inspiring. I think a tiny home rekindles an appreciation of quality over quantity. It's a reversal of the urban sprawl syndrome. It's a structure that is conducive to relationships, contributing to the village mentality that many of us have lost.

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