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Designers tend to talk about the importance of good lighting, but what makes it good? We asked Jennifer Kis of Progress Lighting to share her insights about lighting in the context of entertaining. As you might expect, her perspective is illuminating. Jennifer's first observation is, Thoughtful lighting can make everyone, and everything, look more attractive. She quickly adds, When youre shopping, remember that the bulbs you choose can dramatically change the look of your fixture." MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION Your entryway welcomes your guests whether you are there to freet them or not. It sets the tone, previewing the look and feel of your entire home. Whether your front door opens onto a grand foyer or a small hallway, layered lightinghaving more than one source and level of lightmakes your entryway inviting. You want your home to be bright enough when you and your guests enter. A dramatic ceiling light can literally set the stage. Wall sconces are a great way to illuminate art objects or a collection of pictures, or simply to highlight your wallpaper. Dimmer switches are an easy way to adjust the ambiance. Think of outside lighting as an extension of your entryway. It can create a focal point when youre inside looking out, as well as when people are arriving or leaving. Its nice to look beyond your reflection in the glass. Bear in mind that super-bright lighting outside is not necessarily better, because other areas will seem super-dark in comparison, which isnt safe. CHOOSE APPETIZING LIGHTING Your kitchen is your workspace all the time, but it's a potential entertaining area as well. A combination of task lighting and ambient lighting can actually make your kitchen seem more spacious. If you have an eat-in kitchen, you can set off your table and chairs with their own lighting, whether overhead or wall fixtures. Whatever lighting plan you implement, the key is to avoid creating shadows. Most of the work takes place at the counters. Under-lighting beneath your cabinets is an excellent way to illuminate your work- space and see what you're doing. Plus, when you have the other lights turned off, under-cabinet lighting offers a nice, ambient light. If your sink is not at a window, ceiling-mounted or recessed fixtures become even more important. A central ceiling-mounted fixture can be dramatic, but so can a row of pendants over your island. Soffit lighting is wonderful, if you have the option. Simply adding dimmers can also make a big difference. DEFINE YOUR DINING AREA WITH LIGHT Lighting can define gathering areas. Because a dining room or nook tends to have less going on than a living room or great room, its the perfect place for a ceiling fixture that is a focal feature. You can play with proportion as well. A big fixture can be wonderful in a small rooma large-scale chandelier, for example, or an industrial rustic look. When you think about switching out a light, also think about redirecting the illumination. JENNIFER KIS Progress Lighting in Greenville, SC Jennifer joined Progress Lighting after a 10-year career in the European automotive industry. As a key account marketing manager, she delights in merging her love for brand management and fashion. www.progresslighting.com Interview by Alyson Kuhn

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