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Change out a towel ring or go for a complete makeoveryour choice!

Written by Jenny Hildenbrand Photography by Milan Rosan & Brent Holland Our feature couple, Shawn and Monika, chose to create their dream home essentially from the foundation up (page 12). They gutted and rebuilt and found their perfect habitation in what most would call an unpromising beginning. Some of us have a nearly perfect home, which may simply be a bit outdated or need a few new features to accommodate a growing family. In that case, a coat of paint and swapping out your cabinet hardware may do the job quite well. Most importantly, remember to enjoy the journey whatever the size of your undertaking. GAUGE YOUR BUDGET Taking a realistic look at your family's finances will help you decide if a full-scale remodel is in your near future. In order to determine potential costs, you'll want to get local quotes for labor, lumber, and anything else that needs to be sourced nearby. Also consider what kind of fixtures (such as faucets, lights, and sinks) you want. There are many cost tiers for home i xtures, and once you know what you have to spend to get the look you want, you can factor that into your remodeling budget. ASSESS YOUR FAMILY'S NEEDS Your top priority for your home could be adding an extra bedroom, creating an open floor plan, incorporating a walk-in closet, finishing your basement to create a music roomthe list is endless and will be different for each family. The critical thing is to decide what changes will add to your quality of life the most, and make those happen first. Unexpected costs are a fiven in the home improvement world (especially for larger projects), so if you want that new kitchen more than anything else, do it first and schedule the optional bathroom upgrade for later. MAKE A PLAN Once you have your budget and priority list, it's time to move on to the logistics of choosing a contractor, sourcing your fixtures and raw materials, and planning for any time you may need to live outside of your home (in the case of a major renovation). Give yourself plenty of breathing room to finish your remodel before any other major events like hosting a big party or going on vacation. CREATE THE HOME THAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU Looking at pictures of beautiful homes, researching which upgrades will add maximum value, and talking with friends and family about what they've done in their own homes are all great ways to get started on your project. Just keep in mind that, at the end of the day, as long as you end up with a house that feels like home to you and your family, you have succeeded. BUDGET Decide how much you can spend Get quotes for your project ASSESS Prioritize your wants and needs Expect unplanned costs PLAN Choose a contractor Source your fixtures See Shawn & Monika's story at Build.com/dreamhome

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