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REMODEL YOUR BATHROOM Meet Tim, whos about to demolish the guest bathroom of the home he and his wife Barbara have lived in for over 30 years. Tim ordered all the fixtures from Build.com-his irst big online purchase ever. Watch Tim replace the '70s-style vanity with a Euro design that complements the new toilet (complete with soft-closing seat). Updated fixtures, flattering lighting, and a beautiful large mirror make the new guest bath spacious and inviting. INSTALL YOUR BATHROOM VANITY Regardless of the design of your vanity, the basic steps for installation are universal. Youll do some simple measuring and marking in order to cut the essential holes, one at the back for the water lines, and then one or two in the top for your sink and faucet. Youll need: a small power saw, a power screwdriver for securing everything, some caulking, and a measuring tape. We dont recommend eyeballing this one. INSTALL YOUR DISHWASHER Installing a dishwasher is easier than you might think. The key is to purchase your additional hardware and cords before you get started. Youll need a pair of supply hoses, a 90 elbow and a little bit of Teflon tape, a power cord with a cable clamp, and a dual-supply valve. Well show you how to do the entire project in 11 captioned stepsand the last step is just a reminder to turn the water back on. CHOOSE LIGHTING BY COLOR TEMPERATURE The term color temperature simply refers to how warm or cool light looks. This is measured on the Kelvin scale, and at Build.com, you'll find every bulb's Kelvin temperature in its product description, from LEDs and fluorescents to incandescents and halogens. If you're not sure which bulbs to order for a specific fixture or a room with lots of natural light, our customer service experts are at the ready to enlighten you. INSTALL TRACK LIGHTING Installing track lights is a precision job, but it's not difficult. We show you the steps, from turning off the power to hooking up the wires, attaching the transformer, and installing the anchors for your canopy. About the only variable is whether youre drilling into plywood, drywall, or lathe and plaster. This project is easier with a partner and two ladders. When youre ready to position the lights, its helpful to have someone standing on the ground. INSTALL YOUR TOILET Installing a toilet cleanly is a simple project. Its basically about alignment and balance. All you'll need is a crescent wrench, flathead screwdriver, putty knife, caulking gun, and a pair of rubber gloves. This video is a rare chance to see Build.coms Brent Holland sit down on the jobto demonstrate how to make sure your toilet is properly centered. And then hell use a battery-powered caulking gun to seal the deal. Watch the video at Build.com/installtoilet Watch the video at Build.com/installtracklighting Watch the video at Build.com/colortemp Watch the video at Build.com/installdishwasher Watch the video at Build.com/installvanity Watch the video at Build.com/bathremodel

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