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Spring 2015 - Page 9 Build an Entry Hook Rack

ADD THE HARDWARE [7] Space the knobs 7" apart and screw into the boards. Pre-drill first to prevent the wood from splitting. [8] Align the numbers above the knobs and screw into the top board. Mount in your entry way by attaching the two robe hooks to the wall. The chest handles will rest on the hooks for a stylish, sturdy hanging solution. ASSEMBLE THE BOARDS [4] After the primer dries, brush with flat white paint. Once dried, lightly sand back the top coat to reveal the black underneath. Sand more or less depending on how rustic you want your hook rack to be. [5] Lay the slats across the back of the boards and attach with screws. [6] Screw the chest handles into the back of the boards, evenly spaced to support your hook rack once it's on the wall. SAND AND PAINT [1] Trim the two boards to 51" L. Trim the 3 slats to 12" L. [2] Rough sand your boards, just enough so the paint will stick. You can sand by hand or use a palm sander. [3] Spray the boards with the black paint to prime the wood.

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