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(855) 482-5073 Build.com 35 Download our shopping app Learn more about choosing the right toilet at Build.com/toilet-tips Choose the Right Flush Type How the toilet works is as important as how it looks. Here are three common flush types. Select the Right Shape & Height Shape: Elongated toilet bowls are the most popular of the two shapes and have a larger footprint. Toilets with round bowls are a good option for small bathrooms. Height: Chair height toilets are about two inches taller than their standard counterparts and are an excellent choice for those who have difficulty sitting down or standing back up. LOW-FLOW TOILETS Saves water. Typically 1.28 gpf. Some are as low as 0.8 gpf. DUAL-FLUSH TOILETS Low flow for fluid waste, higher flow for solid waste GRAVITY FLUSH TOILETS Gravity and water weight generate flush. Simple and inexpensive to repair. ELONGATED BOWL Oval bowl shape, typically 181/2" ROUND BOWL Round bowl shape, Typically 161/2" CHAIR HEIGHT A toilet with a seat from 161/2" to 19" tall. Standard height toilets are approximately two inches shorter. American Standard Studio Round 1.28 gpf Two-Piece Toilet 2769251 $413 EXCLUSIVE Miseno Two-Piece High Efficiency 1.28 gpf Toilet 2558624 $280 EXCLUSIVE Miseno Elongated Toilet w/ Slow Close Seat 2916238 $285 Toto Aquia 0.9/1.6 gpf One Piece Toilet 1870091 $612 Available in 5 finishes American Standard Ultima 1.28 gpf Two-Piece Toilet 2959336 $396 Kohler Santa Rosa 1.28 gpf One-Piece Toilet 1686507 $307 Available in 7 finishes STEP 2 STEP 1 STEP 3 AquaPiston Technology 163/4 " CleanCurve Rim Design

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