Spring 2017 Page 45 Employee Favorites

(855) 482-5073 Build.com 45 Download our shopping app Kohler White Touchless Flush Toilet Retrofit Kit 2427457 $44 - THOMAS ISR "I love that this gadget helps stop the spread of germs, and it only took about 20 minutes to install." Kovacs 3-Light 20.5" Wide Bathroom Bath Bar 307757 $177 Availible in 3 finishes - ELENA Senior Project Manager "We installed a pair of these lights when we remodeled our bathroom. They can be installed vertically or horizontally and look great with our modern decor." Broan QT 110 CFM 1.0 Sone Ceiling-Mounted Bath Fan 2607140 $164 - EVAN Account Manager "The built-in Bluetooth speaker means that everyone in the family can listen to their favorite playlist." Sensonic Bluetooth speakers Modern Forms Marimba 7 Light LED Chandelier 2879126 $799 Availible in 2 finishes "It's like a work of art for our dining room. It's dimmable so we can dial it up for homework or dial it down for an intimate dinner." - JULIANNE ISR MinkaAire Spacesaver 3 Blade 26" Ceiling Fan 1719480 $186 Availible in 3 finishes "The fan is just the right size for our small home office, and the wall control lets me set the perfect light level and fan speed." - COOPER Consumer Chat

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