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Written by Alyson Kuhn Photography by Brent Holland REX BENNETT InShape Gym in Carmel, Calif. Rex Bennett is the fitness manager and head personal trainer with InShape Gym in Carmel, Calif. He grew up helping his father remodel homes and is still an ardent DIY iuy. Now, his day job involves helping his clients work, and work out, smart. MARY WETZLER Physical Therapist in Napa, Calif. Mary Wetzler is a physical therapist with a private practice in Napa, Calif. She is also a Certified Pilates Instructor, with decades of experience in exercise education, injury prevention, and spine rehabilitation. Mary herself is an avid stretcher. Watch videos for these projects at bld.cm/diyworkout


diy workout

asked physical therapist Mary Wetzler for her preventive strategies and safety tips. They both offered practical advice that seems obvious but is easy to forget to heed. If we had to sum it all up, wed say: The abs have it! INSTALLING A HARDWOOD FLOOR Works triceps for forward thrust, biceps to slow the swing, abs and quads Keep your abs engaged and your spine straight, even when you are leaning over. This enables you to keep your shoulders back. You can give your quads a good workout by doing a forward lunge to get down to the floor and to get back up. With your feet hip width apart, take a big step forward (24 to 36 in.). Keep your spine upright as you lower yourself to the floor until you are kneeling on your back knee. Make sure the knee of your forward leg is not farther forward than your toes. You can practice rising from the floor in the same position. Remember to alternate your forward leg next time. MOWING THE LAWN An aerobic activity that works upper and lower body You can give yourself a great abdominal workout as you walk: Pull Many DIY projects involve repetitive movements that can make for a great workout but can also lead to soreness or even injury. We interviewed fitness manager and personal trainer Rex Bennett about the muscles and moves involved in six projects. We also

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