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MAKE BEER BOTTLE TIKI TORCHES Nothing says party like a tiki torch or two. Ours are easy to make and have definite island industrial flair. The torch is stable and secure, thanks to a pair of grounding clamps. This project involves just a couple of minutes of power tooling to cut a length of in. threaded rod and to attach one clamp to your wall or post. Quick as a wick, your tiki torch will be food to go. SET UP A SELF-WATERING PLANT This is simplicity itselfwith just one string attached. Yes, a piece of ordinary jute twine works as a natural, non-powered conduit to get water to your potted plant. Just put one end of the string in a nearby bottle or jug of water, and tuck the other end into the soil of your plant. Water will continually travel along the string, keeping the soil damp, while you take a vay-kay from asking the neighbors to water your plants. INSTALL AN OUTDOOR WALL SCONCE Refresh your patio, yard, or entryway with a new wall sconce. See exactly how to replace your old fixture in a matter of minutes. The essential first step: Cut the power before you start. Then, all youll need is a screwdriver and perhaps a set of wire cutters. Once youve mounted your sconce, try a couple of different bulbs to see the mood they can create. Presto, youre ready to light up the night! HANG STRING LIGHTS Hanging a strand of party lights is a breeze with the Bulbrite kit. We show you how to use eye bolts and quick links to anchor the strand to your house. This is a practical and magical way to make your outdoor space festive or elegant or romantic. We also demo how to protect any trees you might want to use as anchor points. The kit is brilliant (bulbs are included)and youll feel pretty smart yourself. GRILL THE PERFECT TRI-TIP Get your grill on with Build.com. Our expert griller shares his recipe for an overnight marinade, recommends a grilling temp, and jauntily sears the meat (remember to do both sides) to lock in the flavors. Our tri-tip tips will turn anyone into a confident griller of meat. Really, the hardest part is waiting ten minutes after you remove the steak from the grill (to let the juices settle) before cutting into it and savoring your success. REMOVE HARD WATER STAINS Watch us attack a shower door coated with several years of hard water buildup. Lets not worry about where we found the scuzzy door. We apply four different cleaning solutions (and some elbow grease) and compare the results from: a vinegar and lemon juice mix, a product with oxalic acid, a lime remover with phosphoric acid, and a high-powered cleanser with ammonium bifluoride detergent. A zippy demonstration and a clear winner! Watch the video at Build.com/hardwater Watch the video at Build.com/grillingtips Watch the video at Build.com/stringlights Watch the video at Build.com/installsconce Watch the video at Build.com/selfwater Watch the video at Build.com/tikitorch

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