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Make your address the new destination for warm weather fun and family time.

Written by Megan Hoffman Photography by Cameron Farboud

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Lets face it: we all look forward to summer. Pool days, road trips, tanning in the sunsummer is universally focused around vacation and family fun. The nice thing about vacation is that it can also be found right inside (or outside) your home, eliminating the hassle of planes, cost of gas, and time spent packing. Here are a few ideas to begin your very own staycation and relax inside the comfort of your own home. GIVE YOUR HOME A THEME Traveling during the heat of the summer can be exhausting. Instead of losing precious time traveling to and from your destination, bring your vacation inside your home. Start off by creating a mood board (page 13) of your favorite destination. Consider adding some seashells to your home for a beach theme or some tranquil plants to the bathroom for more of a zen look. Install new curtains for a fresh accent to your living room and a new fan to complete the look while keeping your summer staycation cool. WORRY-FREE VACATIONING If youre still planning on taking a trip during the summer, you dont need the stress of leaving your empty home alone. To help prevent a break-in, remove all the spare keys you may have hidden outside your house, and close your window blinds. Installing a timer on your light ixtures to turn on and off at certain times of the day will help make it appear that someone is home or checking on the home regularly. To check in remotely, add an indoor security camera (page 32) and a smart deadbolt to your home, which you can program with your smart phone to notify you of an unauthorized visitor. GET THE FAMILY INVOLVED Taking a break from chores and organizing a family activity can be a great way to reconnect and bond. It could be something as simple as making a craft table and creating new jewelry for the kids to wear. If youre feeling more outdoorsy and looking for a larger project that will get you out of the house, try building a treehouse or a teepee (page 6). Let the kids choose light fixtures and decorative pillows and blankets to customize their new home-away-from-home. STEP JUST OUTSIDE YOUR DOOR Who says you have to leave your own backyard to enjoy the beauty of summer? Hang a hammock or build a bench beneath a shady tree for a perfect reading spot. For an evening group activity and an impressive home accent, build your own rock fire pit. To further wow your fuests, see page 8 for a smores recipe that is sure to leave them coming back for more. INDEX 2 THE BEST PARTS OF SUMMER 6 BUILD A TEEPEE TENT 8 FROM-SCRATCH S'MORES 9 A STAYCATION-WORTHY HOME 13 STYLE MOOD BOARDS 19 INSPIRATIONAL HOMES 26 EMPLOYEE PICKS 28 REAL-LIFE REMODELS 30 CEILING FANS 31 A SMARTER HOME 34 SHOP BY STYLE Shop stylish home decor at Build.com/decor

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