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Jarret Yoshida loves to help his clients edit the extraneous and curate their collectionswhich people are often unaware theyve amassedbefore he and his team begin designing or updating a space. Jarret shares with us his operating principles for simplifying your life at home. INVEST IN YOURSELF Renovating your home is really about upgrading your life. Think about what you use the most and how you can improve it. Ask yourself, How do I really live? and How do I want to live? These are two very different questions. Think about your reality, and think about your fantasy. You can accommodate both. Create an outlineyes, make an actual listof the functions you need to fulfill. Form, whether it's a ceiling fan or a barbecue or a new faucet, will follow function. This is as true outside as it is inside. How would you like to use your outdoor space? Do you want to sit outside with a book and enjoy coffee or a cocktail? If you had great lighting outside, would you spend time out there even in the winter? Conversely, if you only entertain a large group of friends once every summer, you dont need a big grill or a slew of deck furniture. You can rent these for your party! SPEND MORE, BUY LESS Avoid the temptation to overreach. You dont need to keep up with anyone elseyou want to keep up with your enjoyment of your home. And if you are looking for ways to use resources more wisely and to rely on less power, check out the energy and water consumption of anything you buy. Its an opportunity not just to make a purchase, but to find a solution. Ceiling fans are a great example, especially given warming weather patterns. You can use less air conditioning, and enjoy the beautiful cool breeze. Most ceiling fans are quieter than air conditioning, and its simple to switch out with an existing light fixture. When the ceiling fan is spinning slowly, it's easy to imagine you are sitting under a tree or on a covered porch. Many people find it relaxing to sleep with their fans on. THINK LONG-TERM If you are going to spend big money on your house, you want to do it right. Look around you, at traditional architecture and at modern architecture as welland choose pieces, from fixtures to appliances, that will look classic and timeless. When selecting fixtures for a kitchen or bath, go for the George Clooney of hardwaresomething that will age gracefully. One of my personal favorites is a Miseno faucet (MK281SS). Weve ordered it several times. It looks like a German design I'd admired. The Miseno version is well-made and a super value. The Internet can be a place for non-accountability and anonymity. Instead, Build.com prides itself on developing relationships of trust, based on knowledge and reliability. Build.coms product experts and customer service team are genuinely interested in helping people ind items to do the job beautifully and economically. JARRET YOSHIDA Jarret Yoshida, Inc. in Brooklyn, NY Jarret has designed interiors for 14 years, from Hawaii to Miami to New York City. Current projects include primary residences, getaway homes, and a multi-unit condo development. jarretyoshida.com


the best out of your summer

Interview by Alyson Kuhn

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