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MARSHMALLOWS Vegetable oil, for brushing 3 cups granulated sugar 1 cups light corn syrup tsp. salt 4 envelopes unflavored felatin (3 Tbps. plus 1 tsp.) 2 tsp. pure vanilla extract 1 cups powdered sugar GRAHAM CRACKERS cup butter cup brown sugar 1 tsp. vanilla 1 cup graham flour cup all-purpose flour cup quality sweetened cocoa powder Pinch of salt cup whole milk STRAWBERRY COMPOTE 1 basket strawberries cup granulated sugar 1 lemon, juiced cup water RED TAVERN CHOCOLATE GRAHAM CRACKER S'MORES Marshmallows Brush a 9"x13" glass baking dish with vegetable oil. Line with parchment paper, allowing a 2" overhang on the long sides. Brush parchment with oil and set aside. Put granulated sugar, corn syrup, salt, and cup water into a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil over high heat, stirring to dissolve sugar. Cook, without stirring, until mixture registers 238 on a candy thermometer, about 9 minutes. Meanwhile, put cup cold water into the bowl of an electric mixer; sprinkle in the gelatin. Let soften 5 minutes. Mix on low speed while beating the hot syrup into gelatin mixture. Gradually raise speed to high. Beat until the mixture is very stiff, about 12 minutes. Add vanilla. Pour mixture into prepared dish and smooth with an offset spatula. Set aside, uncovered, until firm, about 3 hours. Sift 1 cup powdered sugar onto a work surface. Unmold marshmallow onto powdered sugar; remove parchment. Lightly brush a sharp knife with oil, then cut marshmallow into 2" squares. Sift remaining cup powdered sugar into a small bowl, and roll each marshmallow in the sugar to coat. Marshmallows can be stored in an airtight container up to 3 days. Graham Crackers Preheat oven to 350. Spray a baking sheet with nonstick spray. In a bowl combine butter and brown sugar. Mix until completely incorporated. Add vanilla and mix. In a separate bowl, combine graham flour, all-purpose flour, salt, and cocoa powder. Add flour mixture to butter mixture until the ingredients come together. Slowly add milk and mix at medium speed until incorporated. Transfer dough to a lightly floured board. Roll dough to a " thickness. Cut into three squares. Place on baking sheet and bake for 10-15 minutes. Once baked, cut the three squares in half. Strawberry Compote Remove stems from strawberries. Cut strawberries in half. In a small pot, combine strawberries, sugar, lemon juice, and water. Place pot over medium-high heat and cook until strawberries are soft; stir mixture occasionally to prevent sticking. Once strawberries are soft, remove from heat and allow to cool. Once cool, transfer mixture to blender and blend until smooth. Putting It Together Spread a liberal amount of strawberry mixture on each graham cracker. Roast your marshmallow over an open fire (use caution). Once the marshmallow is cooked to your desired taste, place it on one of the graham crackers. Place your favorite chocolate over the marshmallow and top with the other graham cracker. Makes three large servings or six small servings. Enjoy! RICH & CHRIS GARCIA Red Tavern in Chico, CA Rich grew up in his parents' restaurant, working his way up to chef. He and his wife Chris expanded the family business and then bought Red Tavern in November 2013. www.redtavern.com

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