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FUNCTION FIRST Dross recommends starting with task lighting. "Understand what the task is and what kind of lighting you'll need to accomplish it." In the kitchen, pendants and under-cabinet lighting illuminate food-prep and other work areas. At the bathroom mirror, aim for evenly lighting both sides of the face to minimize shadows for personal grooming. WALL-TO-WALL ILLUMINATION Ambient lighting is the second piece of a three- part plan. It's that overall wash of illumination that fills a room. Ceiling fixtures - from flush mounts to chandeliers, wall sconces and other broad-reaching fixtures - brighten the space from wall to wall. We were surprised to learn that not every room requires overall lighting. Dross suggests asking yourself whether the way you use the space necessitates ambient light and if the room is large enough to warrant it. THE BLING Accent lighting is used to enhance art or architectural details. It's not required, but when done well it can change the mood of a room. "I liken it to a person wearing jewelry. No one will arrest you if you don't use accent lighting, but it adds interest," said Dross. THE BIG PICTURE Energy efficiency is an attractive feature in daily-use applications. Outdoor lighting is the biggest consumer. Exterior fixtures are used for the longest periods and pull the most wattage. Inside the home, kitchens use the most energy. Dross explained that choosing energy-efficient fixtures in these spaces makes good economic and environmental sense. He added that it's perfectly acceptable to consider style over savings in occasional spaces like the dining room. In such cases he urges us to consider a fixture that makes an artistic design statement: "Treat it as a sculpture." JEFF DROSS Corporate Director, Education and Industry Trends, at Kichler Lighting in Cleveland, OH Jeff brings a background in engineering and a passion for art to his work with Kichler. He sat down with us to explain how layers of light can make any space shine. www.kichler.com

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