Summer 2016 Page 32 The LED Experience

Our expertise LOVE THIS LIGHT. Great product, easy to install and looks great when installed. -Geor The LED Experience The future is bright, economical and eco-friendly BETTER BULB A good lighting plan doesn't stop at stylish fixtures. The type you choose can improve the look of your room, reduce energy costs, and have a positive impact on the environment. LED lighting delivers on all three points and is a smart alternative to incandescent lighting. THE 'GREEN' LIGHT Environmentally friendly LED lights use a fraction of the energy of incandescents and reduce waste by lasting up to 50 times longer. LEDs make financial sense for every home - especially those that rely on solar power. MAKING THE SWITCH As demand for LED lighting grows, prices are dropping and more options are being offered. You can even find LED bulbs that fit popular fixture styles, and the bulbs themselves can be found in traditional shapes including globe, candelabra and the vintage Edison style. Many LED light fixtures are even dimmable. BRUCE LEE Pro sales rep Bruce Lee has helped guide many LED projects. PROGRESS LIGHTING Bingo 5-LED Flush-Mount Ceiling or Wall Fixture P3737-LED $719 Can be customized 32 (855) 482-5073

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