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December Nights 2994503 $46-$240 Binoculars 2995139 $46-$235 Matte White 2994333 $49-$229 Aviator Silver 2995166 $46-$240 Bronze Mist 2994397 $49-$246 Motor Gray 2994679 $46-$235 Bookmarker 2995328 $46-$235 Harbor Town 2994956 $46-$235 Sea Balm 2994358 $49-$246 Haute Red 2995322 $46-$235 High Tide 2993954 $46-$240 Beetroot Purple 2994105 $46-$235 Pricing is a range between amount, color, and sheen selection.

Style Spectrum

Set the tone with colors to complement every space. Picture This Trim molding, artwork, and changing light can affect how a paint color appears. Kilz offers large-format paint swatches that make it easy to determine what will work in your space. The 8" x 10" peel-and-stick swatches can be easily repositioned without damaging walls. Build.com/paint-samples

The Best Place for Paint

Color Choice Color can be broken down into a few simple visual categories: bold, neutral, warm, and cool. Visit the Build.com/paint-center to learn more. Sheen Sheen indicates how reflective - or shiny - a paint is. Read about the attributes and uses for matte, eggshell, satin, and semigloss paints at Build.com/paint-sheen.




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